Special Workshop 18th Feb


On Mon 18th Feb, Vocalize will be treated to a 2 hour workshop with Canadian a cappella duo, FreePlay.

The workshop will be fun and interactive, covering some of the following:

  • vocal warmups and technique, focusing on choral blend, balance, intonation, rhythm and musicianship
  • introduction to Jazz/Blues Improvising
  • teaching a song “by rote”
  • Latin vocal percussion

This workshop is free to Vocalize members. Non-members are welcome to join the workshop at a cost of $20pp.

A little about FreePlay:

Using nothing but their voices and innovative live-looping techniques, genre-bending FreePlay takes you from the concert halls of Europe, to the jazz clubs of Manhattan, to the temples of India, and back to their native Toronto, Canada… all without leaving your seat. The duo effortlessly crosses musical boundaries to create an a cappella concert of endless variety. Imagine Simon and Garfunkel crossed with a Bach 2-part invention… or an acrobatic jazz melody combined with ancient Indian beats… or an 8-part vocal arrangement created by two singers… FreePlay delivers.

Click here to watch a demo!